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Business Valuation for…

Fair Value Financial Reporting
The need for fair value determinations has increased dramatically with the issuance of FASB Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 805, 350, and 820. The prevalence of fair value financial reporting…  Read more
Tax Planning & Reporting
Tax purpose valuations must be performed upon the occurrence of a taxable event involving the transfer of a business interest, financial instrument, intellectual property or other intangible asset.  Read more
Estate & Gift Tax Planning
A common goal in estate and gift tax planning is to maximize the wealth transferred to beneficiaries while minimizing the taxes paid to the government.   A contemporaneous…  Read more
Employee Stock, Options, SARs
ASC 718 applies to all transactions in which an entity receives employee services in exchange for share-based instruments. The employees are in effect “paying”…  Read more
Complex Capital Structures
Most venture capital-backed and early-stage enterprises are financed by a combination of equity securities with unique rights, privileges, and preferences, such as common and successive rounds of preferred stock, each of which has rights that likely differ from those of other series.  Read more
Business Succession Planning
All business owners have to decide when will be the right time to step out of the family business and how to do it. There are many estate planning tools and transaction structures to transfer your business in a tax-efficient manner. Designing a business succession plan that will survive…  Read more
Disputes & Litigation Support
The most commonly cited reason for losses in valuation-related court cases is the failure to obtain and present sufficient evidence to support and validate a claim or defense with an objective valuation report prepared by a qualified, experienced independent valuation advisor.  Read more
Self-Directed IRA / 401(k)
The Fair Market Value (FMV) of IRA and 401k holdings must be reported annually.  Under most custodial agreements the investment sponsor or owner of a self-directed retirement account is required to arrange for the December 31st FMV to be determined by an independent IRS qualified appraiser.  Read more